John Lindsay-Poland

John Lindsay-Poland is a writer, activist, researcher and analyst focused on human rights and demilitarization, especially in the Americas. This site includes links to his past and present work in these areas.


Interviews and Presentations


Q and A with Duke University Press, November 2017, about Plan Colombia

Sanctuary in the Americas, National Lawyers Guild conference 2017: Presentation with Antonio Tizapa, Waleska Cabrera, Elenia Hernández, August 10, 2017

April 2015, War Prevention Initiative, Portland, Oregon:

ONG: Gobierno EEUU potencia violación de DD.HH. en México con venta de armas  
EFE, 27 June 2016


US Foreign Policy & Military Bases

Interviews with Noam Chomsky, Joseph Gerson and John Lindsay-Poland. June 2016.  4 min.

Pacifism Versus the "Just War" Theory

Nonviolent approaches to armed conflict, in discussion with Rev. Tom Shepherd, retired Army chaplain. October 29, 2015. 59 min.

The Other Side of Despair

Colombia, U.S. Policy, and the Energy of Nonviolent Resistance, presented at the FOR Seabeck Conference, 2009. 56 min.

Caravana por la Paz

Con Rompeviento TV durante la caravana del Movimiento por la Paz con Justicia y Dignidad, 2012. 14 min.

Noticias Uno, entrevista junio 2014, informe sobre "falsos positivos" en Colombia. 3 min.

Ping Pong Underground

Film by Donald Harrison on ping pong and activism, with John and Nancy Kenyon, 2004. 6 min.

Entrevista con Telesur, 2012. 5 min.